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Dan Rose: Last Night....

What is it about the guitar that can bring out the raging exhibitionist in those who play it?  All too often we hear recordings featuring guitarists that are flooded with fretboard frenzy; notes and chords cascading about each other seeming as if to prove that all that plentiful practice to master the instrument was well spent.  And then there are guitarists like Dan Rose and albums like "Last Night"...

Taking his time, finding on the mark harmony and linking it perfectly by way of 

"mot juste"note selection and phrasing.  Rose plays to the song, not to his ego.

That Rose is a virtuoso is unquestioned; his extraordinary command of the instrument is always in plain site.  but extravagant speed and other look-what-I-can-do displays are replaced by taste and subtlety.  The beauty of Rose's tone and his mellifluous playing is part and parcel of the artfulness of the classic songs he chooses.  Through him we notice once more the sturdy structure and lyrical splendor of long familiar melodies.  And as we listen to "Last Night"...

we hear a musician expressing his sincere love of song and elegant improvisation.  Simultaneously, we continually admire a masterful player who treats exquisite music with the respectful restraint it fully deserves.


                                                                                   __ Steve Futterman






Born November 6, 1947 in Elmira, New York, moved to New York City at the age of 17 to be close to it all. In the Later 1960's lived in San Francisco and studied with Jerry Hahn and John Reible and was influence by Barney Kessel, Tal Farlow, Kenny Burrell and Jim Hall.

Toured and recorded with Paul Bley 1973 and 1974. During which time he was introduced to the music of Carla Bley who became a major influence on his composition and musical concept.

During the 1970's Dan was very active in the New York "Loft Jazz" scene.

In 1979 he composed and recorded "CLOSE OPPOSITES" released on the Alacra label. He then moved to Europe

where he performed in clubs with his own band and as a sideman.  In 1981 returned to New York.  In 1992 composed and recorded "CONVERSATIONS" on ENJA RECORDS featuring Steve Swallow and John Betsch. In the fall of 92 moved to Paris for two years.

Dan Rose's "THE WATER'S RISING," (ENJA 1997) features Peter Madsen, Peter Warren and Victor Lewis. "FOUNTAINS," (Midlantic Records 2002) with Ben Riley, Kiyoshi Kitagawa.

"WHISPERS IN THE DARKNESS," 2008 with singer Tony Perry, "OASIS," (ENJA 2013) Duo with pianist Claudine Francois 

"STRINGS ATTACHED," (ENJA 2019) Trio with Kiyoshi Kitagawa and Tony Moreno,


"NEW LEAVES," (RIDE SYMBOL RECORDS 2019) Duo with Claudine Francois

Dan was featured in the book, "Jazz Guitar On Record," by Richard Hetrick. 

Some of the other musicians he has performed and recorded with include:  Gillis Cure, Tom Malone, Bruce Ditmas, Danny Gottlieb, Marc Egan, Michael Moss, Chris Rathbun, Gene Roma, Sarah Larson, Perry Robinson, Mark Whitecage, John Shea, Marty Cook, Monty Waters, Bobby Naughton, Mario Pavone, Armen Halburian, Badel Roy, Jay Clayton,  Sonny Stitt, Wilbur Little, Mark Johnson, Billy Hart, Thomas Chapin, Jean Jacques Avenel, Arthur Blythe, Rashid Ali, Karen Mantler,

John Abercrombie, Tyrone Brown, Winard Harper, Joe Cohn, Jeff Williams,

Ron McClure, Connie Crothers, Cecil Bridgewater, Percy Heath, Connie Kaye,

Eric Reed, Antonio Hart, Bill Crow, Don Friedman, John Faddis, Christian McBride,

Louis Nash, Russell Malone, Delfeayo Marsalis, Randy Brecker, Steve Turre, Ada Rovati

Cyrus Chestnut and Carl Allen.

From 1998 to 2005, Dan performed in and helped produce, "JAZZ AT JENNINGS," an annual benefit concert held at Peter Jennings Bridgehampton home.

 2015,'16 and '17, performed in "JAZZ FOR JENNINGS" memorial concerts.

From 1996-2001, Dan worked exclusively with Max Roach as producer and recording engineer.

Dan has composed and performed music for the following films:

"HOW TO DRAW A BUNNY" (Independent Production) 



"VALENTINE'S DAY" (Warner Brothers)

Top Photo by Chuck Stewart


55 Bethune St.

Apt. 212
New York, New York  10014


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